The media are not toys… they can be entrusted only to new artists, because they are art forms.
(McLuhan, 1954)

Editorial Project

For this project my aim was to recreate a Little White Lies magazine cover for the Luca Guadagnino film, Call Me By Your Name (2017).

Little White Lies, also known as the world’s most beautiful film magazine, is an illustrated film magazine published five times a year. The reason I chose this publication was due to the fact it specialises in my two primary interests: film and portaiture.


For this image above, my intention was to recreate one of the most iconic scenes in the film, in which Elio is lustfully watching Oliver dance to The Psychedelic Furs’ Love My Way at a garden party.

The pattern design in the background is based on Italian tiles, representing the southern Italian setting of the film, while I hope the neon hues of the colour pallette evokes the 1980s, the decade in which the film takes place.


For the insert of the magazine, I created the illustration below. In the image, in which Elio and Oliver are placed atop a drawing of two peaces, my intention was to convey the characters’ connectivity, but also to acknowledge the significance of peaches within the film.

In the film, peaches have an importance due to their inclusion in the most infamous scene in the film, where Elio masturbates with the fruit over his love for Oliver.